IKEA Favorites: Decor, Furniture, Cabinets & More

After spending the past year embedded with IKEA, I thought I would share some of my IKEA favorites.  You already know my favorite foods (see blog), so let’s look at household items and all sorts of furniture—beds, chairs, sofas, and consoles.  Any my favorite IKEA favorite thing of all —kitchen cabinets.

My Living Room IKEA Favorites
My Living Room IKEA Favorites






(Shown Right: HEMNES console, KVAVE table lamp, KVARNVIK storage box, RIBBA frame gallery wall)





IKEA Favorites: Decor

Bath Mat & Shower CurtainObviously my business is based on the furniture, but as I have become familiar with IKEA through the furniture I have discovered some household items that are worth the trip.  Their modern/contemporary style matches my tastes. And their prices can’t be beat.  So I recommend if you like the style, start your shopping at IKEA for dishes, glassware, linens and décor.  Specifically, I have this shower curtain and bath mat in my green bathroom.  It is hard to find a shower curtain this inexpensive and it is heavy duty.  The bath mat is incredibly cheap, thick and plush, and comes out of the washer/dryer the same as the day I bought it.  I love the pop of color.



IKEA Favorites: Storage

Plastic Bag Dispenser
Plastic Bag Dispenser

Ikea is well-known for their storage options and I have two that I especially love.  First is the Trones shoe cabinet.  This is slim enough that I have it installed behind my bedroom door and the three tilt out drawers hold 18 pair of shoes.  The other item I like, especially for the price, is this plastic bag holder.  I use my own grocery bags, but I still end up with these plastic bags, and I still find use for them so I want to keep them around.  I have come across many storage ideas for them, but none that I like as well as this Variera dispenser—for $1.99!  It is kind of silly, but it mounts to the wall wherever you want it and you can actually get ONE bag out of it at a time, without the rest flying around.


IKEA Favorites: Pantry

I didn’t realize until I started hanging out at IKEA that they sell pantry type items, too.  Batteries!  $1.99 for 10 alkaline AA batteries.  This can’t be beat.  They also have rechargeable sets, but I do not have any experience with them.

Istad Bags
Sandwich & Snack Bags

Another bargain is their ISTAD plastic sandwich/storage bags.  IKEA sells three different packages, and each package comes with two sizes in it, so you have twice as many options within the same storage space.  They have from a snack/sandwich combination box up to a box that has 15 each of 4.5 quart and 6 quart size bags.  They are rated for freezer safe, but I have not tried it yet.

The last example is light bulbs. Because IKEA sells lamps they have many sizes/shapes of bulbs, including standard light bulbs.  Their E26 RYET bulb is the equivalent of a 40Watt standard bulb.  They sell a two-pack for $1.99.  LED light bulbs, for $1 apiece!  These “bargains” might not be worth the trip to IKEA, but they are definitely worth adding to your cart if you are already there.  And I am sure there are more—these are just what I have discovered so far.


IKEA Favorites:  Furniture

I am going to try and keep this brief, because most of you know I could go on forever about IKEA furniture.  I love the design, the engineering and the price of almost everything, but I do have some favorites.

Favorite Bed:  The Malm storage bed with four under bed storage drawers.  It comes in four finishes (black-brown, white, oak and ash), is available in full, queen, king, and my favorite thing about it is the storage drawers are on casters and can be freely removed from the bed.

Hemnes Daybed
Hemnes Daybed: Pulls out to form a full bed and still has three drawers that pull out.

My favorite series is the Hemnes, which includes items for every room of the house.  This is some of the sturdiest furniture that IKEA sells and it is a very classic design.  I have probably assembled this Hemnes daybed as often as anything (except Billy bookcases) and it is a fine example of the classic, sturdy and functional design.



Stockholm Console
Stockholm Console & Coffee Table, Friheten Sofa and Poang Chair

Of all of the IKEA furniture that I have assembled, the Stockholm sideboard is my very favorite.  It is built of solid ash with a walnut veneer, so it is very sturdy.  Ironically it is one of the easiest

Inside of Stockholm Console

peices to assemble thanks to some brilliant engineering.  I had the pleasure of working on this sideboard as well as a Poäng chair, Stockholm coffee table and Frihetan sofa sleeper for one customer, who is using it as a TV console.



IKEA Favorites:  Kitchen Cabinets

Based on all of the time I spend in the IKEA store and everything I have assembled, the kitchen designs are my favorite.  But this is bigger than a paragraph or two, so check for my next blog about IKEA kitchens!