IKEA Hacks: Ideas & Resources Galore

One of the things regarding IKEA that I get most excited about is IKEA hacks, which means taking an inexpensive, sturdy, basic piece of IKEA furniture, and up-styling it.  The methods and combinations are as endless as your imagination, but I am going to share some of my favorite tricks and results.

IKEA Hacks:  Examples

Probably one of the most hacked items from IKEA is their children’s play kitchen, Duktig.  The kitchen unit sells for $99, but for not much more you can personalize it for your child.  (Accessories are extra.)  I am planning on hacking a Duktig and donating it to a charity auction and I can’t wait!  Here is the original and some ideas for redesigning.

A very complicated (but cool) hack is using IKEA kitchen cabinets to make a platform bed with tons of storage.  This isn’t something a novice should try–but Mamakea could help make it happen!

IKEA Hacks
IKEA Sektion Cabinets as Base for Platform Bed = Tons of Storage!
IKEA Hacks
Design Plan for IKEA Sektion Cabinet Platform Bed







IKEA Hacks
Custom Platform Bed from IKEA Sektion Cabinets

IKEA Hacks–Resources

Although I have dreamed of doing IKEA hacks since our St. Louis store opened, I only recently discovered some great ready-made resources to help with the job.  There are three different companies I discovered that exist only to support IKEA hacks!

Custom Slip Cover Resources

The first is a company from Germany called Bemz.  They offer slip covers for just about every model of IKEA upholstered furniture, in about a million different options.  Seriously, start with the Nockeby sofa, and then decide what style and color you want to cover it.  For example, on this model Bemz offers almost four hundred fabric options, including the newly added velvet collection.  Here is a side by side of the original Nockeby and the velvet options.  I love how it completely changes the look.

IKEA Standard Slip Cover
IKEA Nockeby Sofa in Gray
Bermz Slip Cover
IKEA Nockeby Sofa with Bemz Velvet Slip Cover and Velvet Color Selections







The site is very easy to use.  It is categorized by item type (chairs, sofas, headboards) and then within each type it has each IKEA model, and for each model it has the fabric offerings. This allows you to see a preview of your item in your selected fabric.  Delivery is quoted as approximately four weeks.  In some cases you may pay more for the cover than the original item, but the total will be economical compared to custom upholstering of other comparable quality furniture.  They even have covers, including velvet, for beanbags!

Decal Resources

So I have to find customers that want me to do this for them, because I don’t have enough room in my house for more furniture.  This is amazingly cute, and super easy.  Mykea (love the name almost as much as Mamakea!) offers decals to customize IKEA furniture.  The site is organized much like Bemz where you can search within IKEA furniture models and then choose from about 100 different designs.  My personal favorite is the poppys, but it is hard to choose.  Honestly, they are inexpensive enough and removable, so change your design each season.

  • Original IKEA Malm 3 Drawer Dresser


Of all the hacks resources that I am sharing, O’verlays is my favorite.  I think the potential impact, the endless possibilities and the ease of completion make this a DIY’er’s dream.  This company isn’t solely supplying for IKEA furniture, but they do have a section dedicated to IKEA models.  The beauty of this hack is that you can make whatever combinations you want from their wide variety of patterns and add your own paint.  The designs are laser cut wood and can be applied on top of any existing surface.  For this illustration I am starting with the IKEA Rast dresser which is an incredible bargain at $34.99!  It is untreated wood so it is ready for whatever color you want to use as a base, and then you can add the overlay which you can paint to your choice also.  Here’s how it works:

Select Surface:                                                                                           Select Overlay:

IKEA Rast Dresser
IKEA Rast Overlay “Danika”










Paint overlay and dresser, glue overlay, and Voila!

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Gigi Overlays on IKEA Rast Dresser

IKEA Hacks:  Your Imagination

I have provided some easy inspiration and execution ideas here, but everyone should consider what might work best for them.  Or find a piece at a furniture store or flea market that you love, but don’t love the price, and figure out how it can be hacked.  IKEA has the basic materials, just find the simple resources to help copy your favorite design.  There are stencils, fabric, wallpaper and all of the previously mentioned resources to make it happen.  And Mamakea is looking forward to making as many of these as possible become a reality!